Where to publish?

Image courtesy of Jomphong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Jomphong at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The phrase ‘publish or perish’ is often tossed around when discussing academic life. Some consider publishing a necessary evil of academia, but if we don’t publish the work we do, how is the world to know what we have accomplished, what creative ideas we have had, what insights we have gathered and what new knowledge we have generated?

In some areas, like Chemistry, which I know best due to my ‘other life’ as a Chemistry Professor, the choice of journals to publish in is frequently straightforward. We pick a journal from a major publisher in the specific area of the research my group and I conducted, with an impact factor commensurate to the novelty of the work produced, and we go from there.

But, not every scholarly area is as straightforward, and this lack of a clear choice is compounded by the myriad of publishers and open source journals that have appeared in recent years, as a result of the move towards freely sharing research papers, either by conviction or requirements of funding agencies, as recently discussed in the New York Times.

In view of some recent reports of bogus open access journals,  here are some links for an article that may provide guidance in the choice of journals and publishers for scholarly publishing, and tools to help with the background research on those same journals and publishers.

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