Research Enhancement Grants – submission deadline 4/4/2016


This is a solicitation for proposals from faculty at the University of Nevada, Reno for grants through the Research Enhancement Grants (REG) program to be awarded in Summer/Fall 2016 with a 12-month performance period. The purpose of the REG program is to provide funding for activities that will lead to external funding for research. Please note that this RFP is seeking applications from faculty members who plan to re-submit a proposal that was submitted to, but not funded by a federal agency (NSF/NIH/NEH/DOD/DOE/DOT/etc).

Deliverables: A re-submission of the improved proposal to the federal agency.

Proposals will be reviewed by UNR faculty and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation (OVPRI) on the basis of merit and significance of the proposed work and potential for the UNR investment to lead to increased extramural funding. Funding through the REG program will be available to successful applicants beginning July 1, 2016.

Guidelines for proposal preparation:

  • Proposals are limited to three pages (content, your response(s) to reviewers’ comments, and an abbreviated budget; please see original solicitation for details on the budget; see link below). In addition to the three-page proposal please include a page for References, the Cover Page, 2-page bio-sketch (the NSF/NIH format should be followed unless another federal agency is being targeted that uses a different format), and funding agency reviewers’ comments and panel summary. The Cover Page can be found in the original solicitation (see link below).
  • For NIH submissions only A1 versions of the re-submissions will be accepted.
  • The attached forms are to be included with the proposal. The RFP and the forms can also be obtained at or from the OVPRI.
  • Each proposal must be forwarded through the Dean of the Principal Investigator’s (PI) college.
  • Budgets should be brief (please see the original solicitation for details) but clear and justified.
  • REG proposals that include specific and necessary research activities needed in order to respond to federal agency feedback (e.g. collection of additional pilot data; re-analyses of existing data, etc.) are especially appropriate for this funding mechanism. The primary purpose of these funds is not merely to incentivize faculty time and effort in grant writing – that is an expectation in most faculty role statements.
  • Include an explanation of how funds provided by UNR will lead to an increased probability of acceptance and thus to increased extramural funding for research at UNR. Please be specific.

In addition to recommendations by Deans and reviewers, other criteria that will be used by this office to evaluate REG program proposals for funding include:

  • Resubmission of the proposal to the agency must occur during the one-year period of the funded REG program award.
  • Total funding available in this cycle is $100,000. It is anticipated that 4 to 6 awards will be made.
  • Conservative budgets will improve competitiveness, but are negotiable. Funding requests should not exceed $25,000. Please include fringe benefits on all salaries. Do not include any F&A costs.
  • Matching funds from your department/college/external sources are not necessary. However, matching funds will be necessary if your needs exceed $25,000.
  • Equipment is not an allowable expense unless it is supported by cost share from the department or college.
  • Faculty receiving awards must commit to submitting proposals to external funding agencies, and to have the proposals reviewed by an external review company before submission to the external funding agency.
  • PI’s demonstrated success in submission of proposals, and winning awards from external funding agencies.

Deans are requested to rank, sign, and forward proposals from their units to Ana de Bettencourt-Dias (, Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation, Ross Hall, Room 201 by 8:00 a.m. on Monday, April 4, 2016

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